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Firearms Training at Adventure Outdoors!

Adventure Outdoors offers many different classes on training and firearms. Our Director of Firearms Training, Don Towers, ensures we have a wide selection of classes to meet the needs of our customers.

Don Towers is a retired Army infantry officer and instructed small arms use and safety. Don is a National Rifle Association certified instructor and a Rangemaster certified instructor. Don has also completed a number of other firearms training courses.

Courses we offer:

  • Free Introduction to Firearms and Gun Safety - Click for dates

    Two hours, free to all ages, lecture only, the first Saturday every month. We introduce the different kinds of firearms, basic firearms nomenclature, basic gun safety and storage best practices, other training available.

  • Basic Pistol Course - Click for dates

    Five hours, classroom and range live fire, two Saturdays every month. This course is designed for the new/beginning owner of a handgun, or someone considering buying their first handgun. In class, we cover gun safety and gun handling, the basic principles of handgun marksmanship, introduction to state gun laws and personal defense considerations, and safety video/range safety card for Adventure Outdoors Remington Range. Students conduct an instructor coached live fire session on the range, using their handgun or a rental handgun. Cost is $99.99 per person, covers all costs except for ammunition.

  • Intermediate Pistol Skills - Click for dates

    The Intermediate Pistol Skills Course will introduce to the armed citizen, those key skills and best practices for effective carry of a handgun for personal defense. This course takes up where a basic skills class ends, building on handgun marksmanship skills by going to the next level of pistol craft. The armed citizen will learn holster selection and concealment techniques, how to draw a firearm quickly and safely from concealment, how to rapidly and accurately engage targets with timed live fire drills, and strategies for being safe while being armed.

  • US Law Shield Seminars - Click for dates
  • Personal Lessons and Individual Training - email for scheduling

    Our instructor will schedule appointments for individuals or couples, for personal coaching on basic pistol skills. Lessons will be based on individual requests. A typical one hour program for one person for introduction to pistol will include an in classroom review of safety, marksmanship skills, and gun handling, followed by a coached live fire session with a handgun on the range. Individuals can bring their own gun or rent a gun. Cost is $60 per hour, not including range fee, gun rental, ammo.

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